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Thank you for your interest in building the tourism and hospitality industry in Woodford County. The board meets monthly and allows for guests to come and present on a quarterly basis. Meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 9am at the Visitors Center and presentations are allowed based in January, April, July, October of each year. There is a limit of 2 presentations per meeting on a first come, first serve basis given you meet the following criteria and fill out the form for additional information.

Visit Woodford Support Request consideration requirements.

  • Does your project positively impact Tourism and bring visitor traffic to Woodford County?
  • Does your project increase the amount of tourism guests who will take advantage of lodging?
  • Does your project meet all community standards and requirements and will be in legal and financial good standing with all entities involved?

Please note all board presentations are requested to be a maximum of 10 minutes in length.

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Meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 9am at the Visitors Center.
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