Woodford County Tourism supports local tourism stakeholders through our annual sponsorship program.

Sponsorship requests open April 1 each year and are due by June 1 of the same year.

The sponsorship program is annual according to tourism’s fiscal year and will be reviewed once per year by the board. Thus all requests starting July 1 through June 30 of the following year should be included in this process.

Woodford County Tourism prioritizes sponsorships that:

  • promote lodging nights in local businesses
  • promote regional, national, and global draw of attendees
  • promote multi-day events
  • all requests that help with the marketing and promotional outreach of the event

No funds are to be used for infrastructure other costs outside of promotion unless otherwise approved by the board.

All requests must include a follow up to our past year support if your organization was supported through this sponsorship program.

The Tourism board reserves the right to decline any request they do not feel aligns with the mission of Woodford County Tourism and promoting Woodford County tourism and guest experiences. The board also reserves the right to provide in-kind support rather than financial support.

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