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place4448 Fords Mill Road, Nonesuch, KY

Nonesuch” Owner’s, Church Barn Farm LLC, comprising the Coyle Family. The community of Nonesuch was founded circa 1870. Located in the heart of Nonesuch is a beautiful little church. Or, is it a barn? Here you will find the traditional Nonesuch quilt pattern displayed to honor this community. The colors of red and white were the school col- ors for the Nonesuch Cardinals. The building was founded in 1894 as the Nonesuch Christian Church. “Our Great Grandfather William Joshua Coyle was involved with raising the money to build the Church and Great Grand- father Andrew Jackson Corman bought the 20 acre farm after it had been converted to a tobacco barn.” Our Father Judge John Edward Coyle and his mother Ethel Corman Coyle bought the farm in the early 1970’s. Our Father grew up in Nonesuch and treasured his time in this community and Woodford County with his wife Mary Don. In 2020, It was again renovated and converted into a venue space for weddings and events. Now, someone can get married in what was both a barn and a church!