Devil’s Claw

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placeMcCracken Pike, Millville, KY

“Devil’s Claw” Sponsor’s, Susan Martin and Eddie Knight and Family. Millville Community Center. The Community of Millville was settled in 1775 by the Glenn brothers, Thomas and Davis. Devil’s Claw was selected to represent the Mill- ville Green Devils with school colors of green and white. The Millville High School was built in 1920. In 1959, a new grade school was built and oper- ated until 1984. Today, the Millville Community Center (formerly new grade school and home to Devil’s Claw) is run by non-profit group, Millville Community Organization. They host annual events (Millville Hillbilly Daze); sporting leagues (Millville Corn Hole League) and basketball leagues. Millville Community Park is the site of the Millville Horseshoe League and nationally recognized horseshoe tournament play. Glenn’s Creek, a tribu- tary to the KY river, provided the perfect location for water powered mills. The first saw mill was built in 1789 by Cyrus McCracken, who established McCracken Pike. Glenn’s Creek was a source for distilling bourbon and Millville produced many well-known brands such as “Old Crow” and “Old Taylor.” Today, Woodford Reserve Bourbon is made in a renovated 200 year old distillery.