Mill Wheel

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place1660 Fords Mill, Nonesuch, KY

“Mill Wheel” The Mill Wheel portrays the grist mill that stood on this property. The mill foundation is located to the left of the barn near Clear Creek. Legend has it – the first grist mill in the county was built here in the late 1700’s by Thomas Metcalfe, who had a reputation as a good stone builder. Metcalfe went on to become governor of Kentucky after serving four terms in the KY House of Representatives, service as a Captain in the War of 1812 and election to the U.S. House of Representatives for five terms. Political opponents nicknamed him “Old Stone Hammer.” The home was built in 1853 by James P. Ford. In 1865, Mr. Ford was elected a member of the Legislature, was re-elected in 1869. Fords Mill Road is named for him.