Berry Pickin’ Days

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Berry Pickin’ Days, Owner’s, Bill and Pat Fleet. Pat chose this pattern because it was created by her Great-Grandmother Tate. “Being with her is one of my earliest memories. She was my heart. My mother and grandmother would pick berries for jams and cobblers, and I would stay home with great-grandma Tate. My father was in Germany fighting on the front lines. We lived with my grandparents and great-grandmother. The quilt, that I still have, was on her bed in 1944.” We could not find a name for the pattern and felt that “Berry Pickin’ Days” would be appropriate. We added the basket for the berries. After living in Georgia for 40 years, Pat and Bill moved to Woodford County December, 2011 to be close to their family. ‘Berry Pickin’ Days’ is a feeling of love and safety, from a time of uncertainty and fear in the days of World War II.